We place our candidates with companies based on a variety of factors including culture and personality. For a match to last, it has to be a dynamic fit. We work with you and our client companies to achieve a natural fit; one that feels right because it’s the best match.

Understanding Your Career Goals

Our process is thorough; we take the time to listen and understand your career goals so we can effectively navigate the market and find a mutual match with one of our client companies. As market masters, we know the people, the roles, the companies, and the locations in our recruiting space. In the process, we get to know you: your dreams, goals, and motivators along with your pain points and deal breakers.

Talent in Demand

As a talented professional, you are in demand. The professionals we place are driven, proven performers, looking to advance their careers. They have a growth-oriented mindset, are open to learning, and are passionate about what they do.

Companies We Work With

Our clients are small to mid-size companies ranging from 5 million+ in revenue; from startups to global companies, our clients all have one thing in common, the critical need for exceptional talent. We are selective in who we work with when it comes to clients and candidates because we want to make every fit a successful one.


About Our Process

1. Ask and Listen

This is where we get to know you and your career goals.

2. Career Advancement Tools

We offer personality profile tools in our candidate vetting process because cultural fit is especially important in a successful placement.

3. Background Checks

We perform a background check so that everyone involved feels comfortable and confident in the final decision.

4. Regular Check Ins

We like to over-communicate in the process, so everyone stays on the same page.

5. Interviews

We thoroughly prep candidates prior to the interview phase.

6. Offer Phase

We offer support and guidance on how to handle an offer.

7. Resignation Assistance

We help candidates navigate the waters of both resignation and counteroffers.

8. Follow-Up

Your success is important to us! We follow up during the final phases of the placement process and beyond.

Essential Tools for Career Advancement

We use personality profiles in our candidate vetting process because cultural fit is especially important in a successful placement. For this reason we don’t rely solely on your experience and education to assess whether you’ll be a good fit for a particular company or role. Below are some of the dynamic tools we use to help find the right match.

Customized Job Fit Test

We thoroughly examine the characteristics of each candidate to have a firm understanding of how they would mesh within a company’s culture.

Soft Skills Interview

We take the time to interview candidates with questions designed to gather information about their communication, teamwork, adaptability, and problem-solving skills in addition to their creativity, worth ethic, attention to detail and more.

Talent Lift Program

We offer certification courses in sales, customer service, and management in order to ensure that our candidates bring the proper skills to their position.

Disc Personality Profile

We screen each of our candidates via a DISC Personality Profile to give clients a better idea of how candidates respond to challenges, influence others, how they respond to rules and procedures, and about their preferred pace of activity.

Pre-Employment Skills Testing

We eliminate bias and ensure a fair hiring process—as well as provide the best possible candidates to our clients—by skills testing our candidates during the hiring process.


Impressive! I worked with Nicole in the capacity of a job seeker. She was very communicative, proactive and followed through with my interview processes from start to finish. If you are seeking employment, I would highly recommend getting in contact with Nicole. With many communications and leads nowadays falling by the wayside, it was refreshing to work with someone who was responsive and didn’t keep me waiting in the dark.
Anthony K
Nicole was an absolute JOY to work with. In a competitive job hunt, Nicole managed to introduce me to not just another company, rather, a lifetime career opportunity. The process was seamless as well as flawless. I would strongly urge anybody looking for a career or employee to reach out to Nicole.
Raymond H
Nicole was great to work with during this hiring process. She reached out to me via LinkedIn with a job opportunity that appealed to me and my current lifestyle. Nicole explained the job description and other benefits of the position. She answered any questions or concerns that I had. Nicole set up the interview with the employer and made the process almost effortless for me. I am happy to say I got the position and I will be starting soon. I highly recommend Nicole for any employment opportunities.
Marlana Q
What an amazing experience. Nicole helped me find work through her networking. After months trying to find “thee right place”, I feel like I’m right where I need to be. Thank you so much Nicole! Highly recommend!!
Joanna G

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